President of the University of Danang welcomed Japanese leaders of enterprises



In the afternoon of September 13, 2019, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Vu - President of The University of Danang (UD) welcomed Japanese enterprises including Mr. Hara Koichiro - Director of Fulltime System Company and Mr. Asami Hideki - Director of Brigde Company. Attending the meeting, there were representatives of International Cooperation Department, Planning and Finance Department, Software Development Center, Learning Information Resouces and Communication Center, and UD's School of International Education.


At the meeting, Mr. Hara Koichiro - Director of Fulltime System Company shared the development projects of the enterprises in Da Nang city, according to which the Company intends to set up an operating center, connecting partners with UD to research and develop software for business management, e-commerce services and promotion of online products.


Overview of the meeting at UD


Director Hara Koichiro expressed his credibility and highly appreciated the training quality of UD, especially for students of Japanese technology, information technology and Japanese language. This is truly a high quality human resource which consistents with the needs and development orientation of investment projects in Da Nang in particular and Vietnam in general for Fulltime System Company and Japanese enterprises.


Through practical understanding of the investment environment and the potential of training human resources of UD, Japanese enterprises highly appreciated Da Nang as a "silicon valley of Vietnam", in which UD plays an important role to the training and supply of high quality human resources. The company is very interested and is in need of recruiting personnel and trainees from UD’s students, especially students who are in major of electronics, telecommunications and information technology for these projects. Mr. Hara Koichiro expressed his desire to promote the implementation of cooperation contents to form a school-enterprise connection mechanism in research and innovation, human resource training, and create conditions for UD's students to have the opportunity to practice, learn Japanese and work in businesses that the company intends to invest in Da Nang.


Delegates take souvenir photo


Talking with Japanese enterprises, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Vu - President of UD, welcomed and acknowledged the proposals from Japanese enterprises and believed that Japanese enterprises would succeed when choosing investment opportunities in Da Nang as well as proper development. cooperation with the member units of UD. The President of UD affirmed that UD respects the good relationship established between the two sides and UD has enough potential and is ready to promote cooperation between the two sides in the coming time”. The representative of UD's Software Development Center also shared, introduced the capacity and experience in cooperating to implement projects with many large partners, including Japanese businesses and experts, and desired to have the opportunity to cooperate, participate in the projects of Fulltime System Company.


At the end of the meeting, in the atmosphere of understanding and trust, the President of UD acknowledged and agreed with the proposals of Japanese enterprises and entrusted the UD Software Development Center to continue to cooperate and develop, promote strengths to actualize the wishes of the two sides' leaders, in order to create opportunities for more and more UD’s students to experience and develop career opportunities with Japanese enterprises.


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