Biomedical Science students with a month of study experience at Kangwon National University



Korean Universities are important partners of the Institute for Research & Executive Education – The University of Danang (VNUK-UD). In recent years, VNUK-UD students have had many opportunities to experience life and studying abroad in Korea. These activities are conducted through short-term study programs, student exchange or transfer.

In this summer (2018), VNUK – UD is proud to have four Biomedical Sciences (BMS) students and lecturers of the faculty attending summer school at the School of Natural Sciences; Kangwon National University; Korea. The purpose of this trip is for students to experience learning and exchange knowledge in a new, modern environment. Moreover, students can also learn about Korean culture as well as the language and people whilst living and studying there for a month.

The highlight of this summer study program is that students had the opportunity to do their own small projects besides learning and practicing basic knowledge and techniques. Professors were very enthusiastic to teach and introduce the academic environment in Korea. They had chance to practise their knowledge in international standard laboratories with modern facilities such as: a biochemistry laboratory; Molecular Biology Laboratory; Chemistry Laboratory … and learn a variety of topics including protein engineering, biochemistry, biological materials, nanotechnology used to develop personal medicine, and diagnostic systems; all intended to help them learn how to effectively treat various diseases.

In addition, VNUK-UD students worked alongside international students. These students not only came from Korea but also from other countries. Modern and advanced facilities were most beneficial to VNUK-UD students which in turn helped them improve their knowledge.

Besides studying the life of the students was also colourful, especially when the destination was Seoul; one of the most beautiful and modern places in Asia. Here VNUK-UD students had the opportunity to meet and make friends with the international student community in Seoul.


Nguyen Duong My Kieu, the second-year student of Biomedical Sciences shared:

“Summer internship at the School of Natural Science, Kangwon National University was full of great things: friendship, culture experience and above all, the acquisition of knowledge in Science. Practicing at the Biochemistry Laboratory of Prof. Lee Joong Jae was more amazing than ever. I was successful in the experiment of protein expression and refinement thanks to the dedicated guidance from the native teachers. Besides was the enthusiasm of the professor, who always provided detailed answers and learning materials whenever I had questions or difficulties in learning.

All of this helped me to consolidate and learn new knowledge of recombinant protein and develop the quality for academic career in Life Science. Furthermore, I was especially impressed and touched by the warm welcome from the members of the labs. Thanks to that, I adapted to the working culture very quickly and enjoyed everything here, it was like being on a holiday filled with great emotion. I also had the knowledge of culture and civilization in Korea. Finally, I want to express my gratitude to Biomedical Sciences faculty (VNUK Institute - UD) and Biochemistry faculty (Kangwon National University) for the amazing internship.”


VNUK-UD values the relationships with partners and respects every study opportunity students have.

Through exchange programs, VNUK-UD believes that our students gain more knowledge as well as acquiring the skills and experience in becoming a global citizen. In addition, after graduation, students will satisfy the criteria of employments both in their own country and overseas.


These are some images of VNUK-UD students in summer study tour in Korea: