Cooperation with Norwegian universities



As scheduled, on March 21, 2012, the delegation of the University of Danang (UD) left Finland to go to Norway. Here, the delegation made the academic exchange activities and discussed the possibility of boosting cooperation with Vestfold University College (VUC), Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA), and Kulturstudiers organization.

VUC is located in Vestfold, a coastal city that is about 100 kilometers to the east from the capital, Oslo. VUC has strength in micro-electronics industry, nano, marine and ship engineering. The most modern facilities such as laboratories, nano research, micro-electronics circuits, clean rooms, maritime simulation are equipped for VUC by businesses to serve the training and research needs. Technology and Maritime Sciences Faculty of VUC has a long tradition (established in 1885). It has undergraduate programs, master’s programs, and nanotechnology Ph.D program.      

Besides, VUC trains Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Business, Humanities, Education and Language, in which Kindergarten Teacher Training and Primary Teacher Training are chosen by many Norwegian students. Undergraduate and postgraduate students in Norway do not have to pay tuition fee. In addition, they can enjoy high-quality environment, moderate living costs, and high insurance. Therefore, VUC is the destination of many Vietnamese students.

Visiting the most modern maritime simulative laboratory, funded by enterprises

From 2008 to now, representatives of VUC has visited and worked with Danang University of Technology many times on the possibility of developing student-and-lecturer exchange programs, academic activities and scientific research.  

With the aim of developing high-quality international students, in January 2012, the professors of Technology and Maritime Sciences Faculty of VUC visited Danang, interviewed directly some final year students of the ECE program at Danang University of Technology, and discussed about developing advanced program in micro-electronics industry. The President of VUC also invited the delegation of UD to visit VUC campus and continued to discuss about cooperative programs that both sides are interested in.

On March 22, 2012, the representatives of both universities had a meeting with academic activities, introduction of training programs, and exchange of experience in solving urgent problems existing in the field of higher education in general and of the two universities in particular. Quality assurance was also discussed at the meeting. The UD’s delegation visited laboratory, study and research facilities, and met Vietnamese students studying at VUC.

VUC highly evaluated professional competence, language proficiency, and activeness of advanced-program students. VUC pleased to announce that after interview, 3 students of ECE advanced program will receive full scholarships for master programs at VUC (achieved a 100% successful rate of applications for scholarships). This is a great news for students received scholarships, accordingly it helps to encourage students who have potentials and ambition to study abroad. There are currently 20 Vietnamese students studying Master (12 students) and Ph.D. (8 Ph.D graduate students) at VUC, in which, there are 2 native Ph.D graduate students, whose homeland are the Central region of Vietnam, eager to work at Danang University of Technology after graduation.

At the end of the meeting, the President of VUC – Mr. Petter Aasen, and the President of UD – Mr. Tran Van Nam, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Its main content includes the following programs: lecturer exchange; university-businesses partnerships in research and development; scholarship programs under the framework of the Norwegian government, VUC and 911 project; scientific newspapers and journals announcement and co-publishing.

The President of VUC – Mr. Petter Aasen, and the President of UD – Mr. Tran Van Nam, are signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Thanks to this cooperation, students and lecturers in Electronics and Telecommunication, Electrical, Materials Technology, Ship Engineering, Economics, and Business Administration… will have opportunity to study, research, and teach at VUC.             

On March 23, the delegation of UD paid a visit to the University of Oslo, recently renamed Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA). HiOA is strong in Automation, Mechanics, Electronics, Information Technology, Research and Development, International Studies, Education… It is located in center of Oslo capital. Representatives of UD and HiOA had a meeting and shared experience in training programs and related content.   

Through the discussion, both sides realized that  HiOA’s programs are very compatible to UD’s programs so that it is feasible to develop cooperative programs between HiOA and with Technical Education Faculty of Danang University of Technology, Danang College of Technology, Danang College of Information Technology, and Faculties of Kindergarten Teacher Training and Primary Teacher Training of Danang University of Education. Annually, HiOA conducts many courses abroad for Norwegian students to study in African countries and developing countries, including Vietnam. This is an opportunity for UD’s students to learn and exchange experience, and strengthen understanding between students.

Leaders of both sides signed a MOU. Base on that MOU, both sides will further discuss in order to develop cooperative programs in detail.

The next activity of the delegation in Norway is to visit Kulturstudiers. It is a cultural studies organization that links with VUC and HiOA, and its purpose is to help Norwegian students and Northern European students to improve their practical knowledge and strengthen exchange in the fields of culture and education. Kulturstudiers takes students to study short courses in developing countries regularly. Its headquarters is located in Oslo, and other branches are in Argentina, Ghana and India. In Vietnam, Kulturstudiers has had relations with UD for 10 years. UD and Kulturstudiers have coordinated to open courses in Hoi An. Kulturstudiers sends hundreds Northern European students and lecturers to Hoi An to study and lecture every year. The program is taught in English, and students stay and study in Hoi An in 11 weeks. Annually, UD receives two full scholarships to send students to join that program. Until now, UD students who participated in that program are successful in work and study. Many students received scholarships to continue postgraduate programs in foreign countries, including some students attending Ph. D. program.

Visiting Kulturstudiers organization

In addition to receiving UD students to attend courses in Hoi An, Kulturstudiers also organizes exchange activities between Northern European students and UD students, invites UD’s lecturers as visiting lecturers in some special subjects, and invites Norwegian lecturers for academic discussion with UD’s lecturers. To increase these field study courses’ efficiency, the President of UD – Mr. Tran Van Nam, and the President of Kulturstudiers – Mr. June Tjelland, signed an agreement on continuing to coordinate in these courses.

During a working week in Finland and Norway, the delegation of UD signed some agreements on cooperation, joint research programs development, collaboration with enterprises, and cooperation in training and scientific research, development of projects funded by EU and ODA of Finland and Norway… It has created opportunity for lecturers and students to study and research at reputable universities in North Europe in the coming time.